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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday Morning What the WTF Music?!?

So, I heard this newish Blink-182 song for the first time last weekend:

Now, I've never kept my enjoyment of Blink-182 a secret. I like them. Their music meant a lot more to me in high school and college, but I still dump a load of their tunes onto my iPod from time to time and, you know, rock out or whatever. I kind of even like this song. I just have one question...

Why does Tom DeLonge still sing like that? I don't mean the whininess. He's always rocked the whininess. It's the oddball pronunciation of certain words. Like, no one says "demon" that way. Or "year." At least, I think he's saying the word "year." What the hell?

Tom DeLonge is 36-years-old. Thirty-six! Why is he still singing like a snotty teenage asshole? It's offputting. Tone it down a little, Tom. Sheesh.

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