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Friday, July 13, 2012

100 Songs I Love: 127-129

127. "1,000,000 Kisses" (Half Japanese)

A charming pop ditty about a scorned young man on a quest to make the object of his affection jealous by locking lips with an absolutely insane amount of females.  Pure pop nerdery at it's catchiest.

Oh, yeah: The individual who posted this song on YouTube is totaly aware that he titled it "1,000,000,000 Kisses" but he ain't changing a thing.  "Its fun seeing who notices," writes pcindarelli.  It sure is?

The number of girls I would have to kiss to equal one-million (not counting kisses given to my mother, grandmothers or daughter): 999,997

128. "Awkward" (San Cisco)

I like these kids.  I discovered San Cisco by stumbling across them one boring summer afternoon.  I don't know if you've noticed or not, but apparently the sun is dangerously close to collapsing on top of the United States of America.  It's sooooo hot, right?  Anyway, because it's been so incredibly hot outside lately, me and my family have been burrowing deep into our basement--which I guess officially stops being our basement at noon today actually--to stay cool.  And after we've spent eight or nine hours sitting in a circle, staring at one another, we like to lose ourselves in the corridors of YouTube.  Or, rather, I lose myself, while my wife and daughter do meaningful things.  But is an activity really meaningless when it yields such wonderful Aussie pop deliciousness?

I like this song. It's simple and is kissed with just enough darkness to make things interesting.  I also like the video.  It's got a Scott Pilgrim vibe that really speaks to the 15-year-old Nintendo fanboy inside me (yeah, "inside").  And, hey, while I'm passing out those 999,997 kisses I got left, maybe Scarlett Stevens, San Cisco's drummer, would like a couple, provided she's not underage.  And provided my wife doesn't mind. Just in case, what's the age of consent in Australia again?

129. "Aneurysm" (Nirvana)

So, during that same boring, sweaty weekend that saw the introduction of San Cisco to my life, my almost 13-month-old daughter and I watched Nirvana: Live at the Paramount on a deep cable channel that plays (mostly shitty) concert films.  Quinn was interested enough, I guess, but then the band segued into the furiously pounding intro to "Aneurysm."  My daughter's eyes were glued to the screen for the entire four minute duration of the song.  She bobbed her head ever so slightly and kicked her little legs to the rhythm.  She even tolerated my singing along. I've never been prouder as a father.

Note to concerned parents: The line "shoot the shit" was edited out.  No need to call child protective services.  (Jerks.)

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