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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Bloody Sunday presents...STFU, Russell Scott of Raleigh

Sunday Bloody Sunday is going to take a break from complaining about the Sunday morning "funny pages" today -- the continued suckiness of "local favorite" Prince Valiant, the fact that every kid who submits a drawing to Slylock Fox obviously learned to draw from the How To Draw Manga Handbook, the complete worthlessness of that teenage piece of shit from Zits, etc. -- and turn our attention to the opinions page.  And what's the hot topic in The News & Observer's Sunday Forum today?  That's right: the massacre in Colorado.  Here's what Russell Scott of Raleigh thinks:

Guns = Safety
     Let people carry guns!  The Colorado theater shooting could have been prevented or at least reduced by allowing law-abiding citizens to carry guns in more places.  At least two military or public safety personnel were at the scene and died protecting others.  People like those are likely to have carried guns legally but are prevented from protecting themselves and others due to legal restrictions on legal gun owners.
     It's a touch pill to swallow for many, but more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens actually makes us safer!

I hate this argument so much, and it always seems to come up when there's some horrific campus shooting or other gun-related tragedy: "If more regular folks like me and my daddy and my dadd's daddy were allowed to saunter around town packin' heat, and some crazy Korean kid busted up into the Golden Corral with a semi-automatic, we could take him out right there at the Salad Fixins station before any innocent bystanders got hurt, I reckon."  This weird desire to turn every situation into an Old West shootout is mind-boggling.

So, let's say during the recent tragedy in Aurora, four or five theater patrons had guns in their pockets (Is that where you carry a gun?  Your pocket?  I honestly don't know.  I think drug dealers in movies tuck them into their boxer shorts or something.), and when the shooter ran in tossing homemade smoke bombs around the joint and firing a gun into the crowd, these previously-mentioned gun-toting Batman fans returned fire.  You're telling me, Russell Scott of Raleigh, that with all that smoke and all those people running around afraid for their lives and now five to six guns going off in all directions, things would've turned out better?  You're out of your mind, sir!  This was a movie theater, not a five-acre outdoor paintball facility.  This is an enclosed space full of smoke, darkness, and screaming people ducking and diving for the exit.  This is chaos.  And you want more guns going off in all that?  STFU!  

Look, I don't know what the answer is, but it sure as hell isn't your thing, Wyatt Earp.  

1 comment:

Nick said...

Yeah, gotta love those who think that crossfire would have been a solution. Especially considering the fact that the shooter was wearing full tactical body armor that would likely be unaffected by handgun fire. So pretty much the only people who could have been injured by return fire would have been other innocent people in the theatre.

I acknowledge that guns don't kill people, but try shooting someone without one. It's not impossible, but a hell of a lot less convenient.