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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Night Trailers: The Good, The Bad & The Shrimpy

The Good: Wreck-It Ralph


Like many of you, I am looking forward to The Dark Knight Rises, but I wouldn't say I'm beside myself with anticipation. I loved the Dark Knight, I trust Christopher Nolan, and I like the part in the trailer where that football field implodes, but I'm not counting down the days until its release on a Batman-themed calendar or anything. I'm going to see it and it will probably be good enough and I will leave my local multiplex pleased and, probably, filled to the brim with urine (It's over 2-hours this thing!!!) I am, however, legitimately excited for Wreck-It Ralph

I'd never even heard of Wreck-It Ralph until a week ago, when the trailer popped up on the AV Club. I watched it in my office at work without the sound, and was instantly sold. You had me at Bowser in a support group for video game villains, Disney. 

The Bad: Alex Cross


What a powerhouse cast, huh? 

Wait a minute. What's the opposite of powerhouse? I meant the exact opposite of powerhouse. 

First, Matthew Fox has got to hate that he made this movie. It was only a month ago that Dominic Monaghan called Fox out as a woman beater on Twitter, and now he's starring in a movie in which he plays a psychopath who tortures a woman with a monkey wrench. Awwwww-kward. 

And second, Tyler Perry.

The Shrimpy: Jack Reacher


So, I'm not familiar with Jack Reacher, but apparently he is the lead character in a popular series of novels by Lee Child. But who is Jack Reacher? For that, I turned to Wikipedia, as I often do when something I don't know/care about appears on my radar. Here are some Jack Reacher fun facts straight from his official Wikipedia page: 

1. Jack Reacher is fairly taciturn, though he will occasionally utter his world famous catch phrase "that's for damn sure" from time to time. 

2. Jack Reacher rarely uses profanity, except when he's using that catch phrase of his, I guess.

3. Jack Reacher fucking loves breakfast! 

4. Jack Reacher is a skilled fighter fond of uppercuts and headbutts. 

5. Jack Reacher is skilled marksman. 

6. Jack Reacher digs on the Blues. 

And most importantly...Jack Reacher is six-foot-five-inches tall, with a 50-inch chest, and weighs roughly 250 pounds. AND HE IS BEING PLAYED BY TOM CRUISE! 

Whatever, Hollywood.

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Gabe Sealey-Morris said...

We saw the trailer for Wreck-It Ralph before Brave, and Eva wanted to see it immediately. She has no idea who ANY of those characters are, but she was thrilled.