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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Weirdest Song Ever?

Factual, but necessary?  Was there a time in this country when mass amounts of children were under the mistaken impression that rocks, chairs and cars were living things, akin to their mothers and Cousin Myrtles, that made this song vitally important?  I don't remember ever attempting to feed any of my chairs a slice of pizza, but maybe I did.  There are a lot of things I don't remember about my childhood.

Anyway, this is the weirdest song ever, right?  It's also pretty great.  As is the video.  I especially like the part in which a boy tries, in vain, to feed a hot dog to a chair.  This is followed by an extremely strange scene of several children wandering around a random collection of chairs, hands cupping ears, listening for breathing.  See?  Weird.


Unknown said...

I read this article, and this song came on PBS not 15 minutes later.

It begins.

Matt said...

Now that is truly creepy.