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Saturday, February 9, 2013

100 Songs I Love: Repetitive Songs (130-133)

130. "Just A Boy" (Pikachunes) 

Pikachunes' "Just A Boy" puts me in kind of a pleasant trance.  It tells a simple story about a young man walking hand-in-hand in the rain with a young girl who might be his sister and running into his little brother who is apparently walking around in the rain with another girl who might also be another sister and so on.  It might be a song about the Duggars.  They walk around holding hands with each other all the time, right?

A word or two on the video: NOT FOR CLOWN HATERS.  The "Just A Boy" video starts as the saddest birthday party in the history of New Zealand and ends with food-covered sex with a creepy clown girl, ostensibly while the birthday boy's teenage parents look on.

131. "Milkman" (Aphex Twin)

A charming tale about a mild-mannered man - just listen to that meek, lilting voice - who yearns for the old days when milk was delivered to one's front porch each morning and then ruins everything by getting all creepy and stalkery about the milkman's wife.  Classic Aphex Twin in that the more its troubling lyrics are repeated, the creepier and more offputting the song becomes (See also "Come To Daddy").

132. "Around The World" (Daft Punk)

Funky song with a great, weird video.  The "Around The World" video was a young Matt Lawson's first exposure to Michel Gondry.

133. "Seventeen" (Ladytron)

Kind of a depressing song about getting old and irrelevant, but it's got a smooth, funky beat, so, you know, I dig it.

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