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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Birthday to Us!

It's our birthday week--that's right, blogs get  weeklong celebrations--and we're going to party in style.  No, not Gangnam Style (you, guys)!  We're going to party lazy style!  That means "best ofs" and "special editions," but mostly "best ofs" because those are easy to copy and paste.  Any way you slice it, this week should remind you why Giant Electric Penguin is the greatest, one-person, occasionally-updated, pop culture-skewering blog on in the Blogger network.  And, hey, this week would be a perfect time to tell your friends about GEP or to leave a comment in our sorely ignored comments sections or donate money or donate tacos.  Whatever you want!  

Happy 5th Birthday, Giant Electric Penguin!  You're finally ready for preschool!

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