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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Is This The Most Annoying Thing Ever?: Smart Car

With GEP's latest feature, Is This The Most Annoying Thing Ever?, I will present something I've encountered on television, at the movies, on the radio, on the internet or in my own personal day-to-day interactions with people, both stupid and dumb, that I feel might, in fact, be the most annoying thing ever, and ask you, the reading audience, "Is this the most annoying thing ever?"  We'll start with the inspiration for this feature, a little stand-up comedy bit about smart cars from Mr. Pablo Francisco:

Look, if you think this is funny, fine.  I don't care what people enjoy.  I'm not writing this to insult anybody, except may Pablo Francisco, but only a little.  This bit is the beginning and end of my Pablo Francisco knowledge.  I don't know anything about his background, the comedy circles he moves in or his journey from Open Mics to well-produced television specials.  Maybe he's got a great story, I simply do not know.  And maybe smart cars are super fun to laugh at.  I mean, they look weird, right?  And every time I see one it's always being driven by some gray-haired white dude.  Not an aging hippy, mind you, but, like, a square, elderly Caucasian man who seems marginally well off.  That's always tickled me kinda.

What makes Francisco's smart car bit endlessly annoying to me is his repetition of the phrase "smart car," specifically the tone and register in which he chooses to do it.  Even his audience seems to tire of it eventually.  It goes from being shockingly offputting ("Whoa, who knew that voice could come out of that guy?") to mildly creepy ("OK, this is getting gross.") to utter disgust ("Why does he keep saying that???  STOP IT!!!").

I should explain how I even heard this.  I've got a comedy nerd reputation to uphold, after all.  There is a radio station in the town in which I live called Funny 570 AM that plays stand-up comedy 24 hours a day.  They actually play people I like (Patton Oswalt, Doug Benson, Todd Barry, Eugene Mirman, Maria Bamford, Pete Holmes, Aziz Ansari, etc) more than you would think.  They also, predictably, play a lot of garbage (Dane Cook, Daniel Tosh, Larry the Cable Guy, etc.).  They also play a lot of Jeff Dunham, which is odd because isn't half the "fun" actually seeing the puppets spew those racist, horrible jokes?  Where Pablo Francisco falls in all of this, I don't know.  If a comic isn't offensively unfunny (different than simply offensive, mind you), but just not my thing, I usually don't care, but this smart car thing, oh man, is it grating.

Also, smart cars are gay Transformers?  That seems a little hackneyed and I'm fairly certain this is the first time I've ever heard anyone say it.

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