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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pod Nerd: Go Bayside, Chris Gethard and the Pegg-Frost-Wright Pod Tour '13

1. Go Bayside: I regularly listen to roughly 500 podcasts, so what's one more?  When that one more involves way-too-in-depth discussions of Saved by the Bell episodes, how I could I possibly say no?  I was, and remain, a fan of NBC's premiere Saturday morning high school sitcom for elementary and middle school students.  You may recall I did my own month long tribute to Zack and the Bayside gang last year.  Apparently there is someone out there as obsessed with every minutia of Saved by the Bell as I am.  Her name is April Richardson and she's turned her love of SBTB into one of the most consistently funny and entertaining podcasts going.

The premise is simple: April and a guest, usually a comedian friend, watch an episode of Saved by the Bell and discuss it in more detail than anyone ever should.  Essentially, it is a podcast made exclusively with me in mind.  If you regularly read my blog or interact with me in real life, you'd know that I thrive when in deep conversation regarding very specific pop culture topics that truly do not matter.  Lately, my topics have been the Friday the 13th franchise--my wife has been kind enough to smile and nod when I launch into a monologue about how there is nothing supernatural about Jason Vorhees in the first four installments or that the series seems to take place in an alternate universe without bras or fully intact t-shirts--and the ages of various Sesame Street characters.  And it should go without saying, but I'm always ready to talk about the strange phenomenon of Samuel "Screech" Powers, arguably the smartest kid at Bayside, devolving from a wunderkind capable of building a robot that runs the gamut of human emotions in the first season to a bumbling idiot in the last.  I'm trying to say I admire April's focus.

There are currently 29 episodes available online.  I've listened to about half of them in the last week.  If you were a fan of Saved by the Bell, you are required to give Go Bayside a listen.  I'm serious.  Go do it.  Now.

(Note: I counted.  I regularly listen to 19 different podcasts and check in occasionally with another 9 or so.  That's still a lot though, right?  And with Pod Nerd I plan on branching out and sampling even more, so, it's going to get worse before it gets better, I'm afraid.)

2. The K Ohle with Kurt Braunohler: Pet-O-Philia with Chris Gethard: Another great K Ohle this week!  Chris Gethard's disturbing tales about being propositioned for sex by a Jerry Springer-loving backwoods weirdo and a man who burned down his own pet store (with said pets still inside, mind you) make this a podcast I wish was longer. Can I get a three-hour conversation about growing up in New Jersey between Kurt and Chris, please?  I don't care how you do it.  Maybe you guys could just tape it and send me the tape or something.  People still do that, right?  Talk into cassette recorders?  That's how I've been doing my podcast for years now.

3. Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright Pod Tour 2013: The World's End comes out this weekend (I have plans to see it next week.  Jealous?  What, you are?  You shouldn't be.  You could probably drive down to your local movie theater and buy a ticket for it.  I don't have exclusive access to it or anything.  I think you're just a jealous person, maybe.  You should really look into getting some therapy or something.  I've got some recommendations.  We'll talk later, OK?) and the three men behind it have been doing the podcast circuit, appearing on two of my favorite podcasts, Doug Loves Movies and Comedy Bang Bang, creating two of the funniest experiences you can have with your ears this week.  I don't have much more to say than that really.  If you are a fan of the Cornetto Trilogy, British accents or laughter, check 'em out!

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