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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pod Nerd: Sylvester Stallone, the return of an old favorite and Chris Gethard again

1. (Fake) Sylvester Stallone Visits the Podcast-O-Verse:  Stallone impressions abounded this week, with (Fake) Sylvester Stallone visiting two of my favorite podcasts, The Flop House and Comedy Bang Bang.  (Fake) Sly Stallone was kind enough to bring his brother, (Faux) Frank Stallone, onto CBB, though mainly, it seems, to repeatedly beat the brains out of and eventually attempt to murder him.  And, hey, like I said last time, I only regularly listen to 21 or so podcasts, so maybe (Ersatz) Stallone showed up in a whole bunch more places.  There was obviously something Stallone-y in the air.

2. Extra Hot Great Returns: A few weeks ago, I bid a tearful good-bye to Yeah, It's That Bad, a favorite of mine and many others who enjoy listening to people riff about awful moments in cinema, many of which feature Nicolas Cage oddly enough.  Who knew?

But, as we all know, when God closes the door on a podcast, leaving it stranded and alone, standing in the pouring rain without an umbrella, its hat (more than likely a weathered fedora) clenched sadly in it's trembling fists, its lips turned downward and quivering and a shade of purple that is a bit concerning, He opens a window for another podcast to crawl in through, warm up by a crackling fire and enjoy a plate of freshly microwaved pizza rolls.  What I'm trying to say is that Extra Hot Great, the best all-purpose pop culture podcast I've ever listened to, is back!

Confession time: When Extra Hot Great disappeared the first time, I refused to listen to the last episode.  I felt like if I did listen, that was it, it was over and might as well have never existed.  I've employed the same strategy with Yeah, It's That Bad.  I don't know if I'll ever listen to the The Mummy Returns episode.  Like, maybe if I leave it on my iPhone like some kind of museum display or something, YITB will come back one day.  It worked with Extra Hot Great.

Anyway, if you have any interest in all manner of pop culture, Extra Hot Great is a must-listen.  The four hosts (that's right, they've added a fourth!) put my own pop culture knowledge to shame.  I'm happy to have The Canon back.  I'm happy to have I Am Not A Crackpot back.  I'm happy to have Game Time back, even though the first two games have been hard as fuck.  I'm happy to have Extra Hot Great back in my ears.

3. You Made It Weird: Chris Gethard: The pod gods heard my prayers and granted me a Chris Gethard appearance on Pete Holmes' You Made It Weird.  And while the Weird New Jersey talk doesn't come until an hour or so into the proceedings, it is still an incredibly entertaining and thought-provoking listen.  Plus, the fact that most of the interview is being conducted in the pitch blackness of Holmes' hotel room after Gethard accidentally turns off the lights makes every tale of rampant music festival drug use, faceless weirdos, and butt eating all the better.

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