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Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Worst Commercial of 2013. Or Ever.

No offense, but you probably love this:

"Aw, it's cute because it's toddlers playing soccer, but it's funny because how did those toddlers get so good at soccer.  I'm going to buy this camera immediately and start taking photos of the soccer-playing toddlers in my town."

I have a visceral reaction to this commercial.  So much rage wells up in me when this commercial comes on that I can hardly stand it.  I'm serious.  My mouth twists into a tight grimace.  My temples start to pulse.  My hands twist into talons of hatred.  My skin prickles.  And for its 32-second runtime, I can speak in nothing but curse words.  I cannot explain it, other than I hate the fact that these kids are playing professional level soccer through the aid of CGI.  Like, maybe if they found some actually soccer wunderkinds or something, I wouldn't be so pissed off.  But I am pissed off.  So pissed off.

I hate you, Canon EOS Rebel SL1!


hungryhaha said...

Yeah. That's definitely an overreaction.

Matt said...

It is, sadly, beyond my control.

Anonymous said...

This commercial is way too precious. It's like they're DARING you not to say, "That's amazing! How'd they do that?!?" And, sure, it is amazing, but by now we all know it's just done by computers. Just a bunch of show-off computers. Taking our jobs.


Matt said...

When the reaction is almost purely physical, I have to imagine the only way to deal with it would be some kind of aversion therapy, and fu-uuck that.

I have a similar reaction to the Kia commercials featuring the giant hamsters.