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Sunday, March 2, 2014

My 10 Favorite Movies of 2013

Happy Oscar Sunday, guys!  This is the "Day You've Been Waiting For" if you like red carpet fashion and awkwardly-delivered teleprompter jokes.  It's also the day super fans of Giant Electric Penguin look forward to each year because, you see, on Oscar Sunday, I, Matt Lawson, reveal my 10 favorite movies from 2013.  And this year shall be no different.  So, here they are, in the opposite of random order.

Hold on, hold on.  Before you spend 3 to 4 seconds scrolling through my favorite films of 2013 and then get back to Candy Crush or porn, allow me to explain.  I like all of the movies on this list.  Many of them, I downright love.  A few of them, if I weren't already taken, I'd settle down and grow old with.  But to be fair, I barely saw any movies last year, or, rather, barely any movies release in 2013.  By my count, I saw 17 before this moment right now.  Most of them were mediocre.  Jonathan and I cracked wise over the duration of one of them (We did so in the privacy of my home.  Don't get upset, movie geeks.).  I fell asleep during another.  Yet another one was a straight-to-DVD Chucky movie.  The point is, I didn't see the big ones (with some exceptions).

That said, the 10 I've chosen as my favorites of the year are movies I legitimately loved.  They may not have been the best by Oscar standards, but the Academy notoriously celebrates weepies, sleepies, and non-creepies (i.e. not horror movies), but I think they're all pretty great.  Now, without further needless explanation, here's this year's list.  Enjoy.  

10. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

9. This Is The End

8. The Croods

7. Monsters University

6. Evil Dead

5. The World's End

4. Stoker

3. The Conjuring

2. The Wolf of Wall Street

1. Pacific Rim

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