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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


This week, Giant Electric Penguin will shuttered it's metphorical doors for good.  We've had a good run skewering pop culture and poking harmless fun at misbehaving members of society, be they famous or not, but it's time to try something different.  People who know me know that I'm a HUGE potpourri guy.  I love the stuff!  I keep bags, jar and decorative dishes of it all over my house.  It smells like one of those mom-and-pop craft stores you still find tucked away in pretty little God-fearing American towns where you can leave your front door unlocked, and even open a crack, at night and everyone says "howdy do" to one another when they meet on the street, which can sometimes be made of cobblestones, but usually isn't.  My house smells great is what I'm trying to get across.  You might think all those competing potpourris would create a sort of noxious gas that would make it difficult to breathe most of the time, but you'd be wrong, unless you think the smell of dried flower petals and cinnamon sticks is noxious.  Do you!?!

Anyway, GEP will reopen next week with a new name and a new theme, that theme, of course, being potpourri, specifically the reviewing of different potpourris by me, Matt Lawson.  Next Monday, GIANT ELECTRIC PENGUIN becomes THE POTPOURRI MAN.  And then the fun really begins.  Here's a quick preview!!!


I hope you'll support my new blog!  Thanks, guys!  See you next week!!!

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