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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Out of Office Message

As of this time tomorrow, the wife and I will have completed our first day in Walt Disney World with a two-year-old.  Did it go smoothly?  Were there any waiting-in-line meltdowns and, if so, how many?  Time--and me when I get back--will tell, but tonight, a week at the Happiest Place On Earth before us, I am cautiously optimistic.  Whatever happens, I will have experienced it with my two favorite people on Earth in my favorite place on Earth, so it'll have been worth it.

But what are you, the loyal reader, to do while I am away?  What will you find to entertain you without a week of hilarious blog posts from your favorite pop culture blogger?  You could do what you've probably done this week, and, not noticing, lived your life in a relatively normal fashion.  For those of you who have fashioned your lifestyle and hung your eternal happiness upon this blog (I know there's at least one of you--I can feel it!), I now present a list of things you can do to pass the time until my return.

1. Learn about the band U2: I suggest you start by listening to every episode of Earwolf's "comprehensive and encyclopedic compendium of all things U2," U Talkin' U2 To Me, hosted by Adam Scott and Scott Aukerman (AKA The Scotts).  As someone who has always wanted to know more about the "Lads From Liverpool," I cannot stress enough how valuable U Talkin' U2 To Me has been in my ed-U2-cation.  And the Scotts aren't simply content sharing their vast knowledge of Larry Mullen Jr and the gang, oh no, they also talk about important films (Have you heard of this Citizen Kane?  It sounds pretty great!), money (I finally know what bitcoins are sort of!!!), and the Harry Potter series.  A must-listen for U2 super-fans and newbies alike.

2. Throw a Taco Party and invite your friends and family.

3. Do some yard work and then drink a big glass of ice water: Your yard looks like crap anyway!  And nothing satisfies like a tall glass of water after a day of working outside.

4. Catch up on the Fargo television series: FX's Fargo is fantastic television, guys.  Just look at the cast list on IMDB and tell me you aren't champing at the bit to watch this thing.  There have only been 3 episodes so far.  Find them and watch them.  There'll be a test when I get back.

5. Check out Playing House too: You're catching up on TV shows anyway, so you might as well give Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham's new show on USA a watch.  St. Clair and Parham are two of the funniest people in existence, and their new show is really something special.

6. Do something special for your cat:  New headshots, maybe?  Cats love to have their pictures taken.

7. Post something vague on Facebook, and watch the concerned comments roll in.

8. Go to your local library, and check out every Hellblazer graphic novel you can: Just when I think I've read every John Constantine collection available, my library puts more on the shelf.  Hellblazer is the kind of material I'm drawn to, so maybe it's not for you, but if you like drunk British practitioners of black magic who routinely rub shoulders with demons, angels, monsters and the like, this is the book for you.

9. Listen to The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project: Maybe the greatest 8 episodes of anything ever!

10. And go ahead and catch up on Andy Daly's Comedy Central show Review while you're at it.

11. Watch the trailer for David Wain's next movie They Came Together 100 times or so:  I'll make it easy for you.

OK!  We'll talk when I get back!  Bye you guys!!!

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