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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I Feel Like This Ren and Stimpy Fan Art Is Offensive Somehow

Take a look at this Ren and Stimpy fan art I came across on the internet this week:
I feel like it's offensive somehow.  Not because it portrays Ren and Stimpy in a homosexual relationship, because, a) Giant Electric Penguin is a gay-friendly site, in fact, we're friendly to all people, with the exception of racists, bullies, and the far-rightest of the Far Right; and b) fans of the show are already acutely aware that Ren and Stimpy are in a homosexual relationship and have been for many years.

What I don't like about this picture, besides the bulges, because who wants to envision their favorite cartoon characters with ample ballsacks and throbbing members, is Stimpy's new bod.  Is the artist trying to say that Ren would never be attracted to Stimpy unless he was a cut hunk?  Is he/she saying that the only way Ren and Stimpy could ever be believable as a loving gay couple is if Stimpy lost a significant amount of weight and Ren underwent extensive facial plastic surgery?  If that's the case, not cool, PsyhicNik!  Who are you to say that these two couldn't find true love with one another they way they are?  It's time to stop bullying 90's cartoon characters!

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