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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Re: The plea to "Be Nice"

Following last week's landmark decision by the Supreme Court, social media went apeshit.  I'm not aware of it causing any shockwaves anywhere else, as I am shut in with very limited contact with the outside world, but I remember sitting at my computer and thinking,  "Wow!  My Facebook news feed hasn't been this cluttered with passionate proclamations of personal beliefs, celebratory fist pumping and serious Biblical debate since last week when everybody was buzzing about the Confederate flag."  Like I said, apeshit, which I'm going to keep typing as one word because who cares.

For the record, I was, and remain, a celebratory fist pumper.  I don't know if it's the government's place to make the call on who can get married or not, as a handful of Libertarian folks I know have posted, but I'm glad the Supreme Court just went ahead and did what they did.  This is the United States of America, every citizen deserves equal rights, done.  There's no debate.  If you'd like to debate, please present your opening statements in the comments section of this blog, so I can ignore them until the end of time, because there is no debate.  If you think there is, you are a gigantic asshole.

I'm sorry.  Was that mean?  I'm also not sorry.  Look, when I typed "apeshit" before (twice so far by my count), I was mostly referring to the comments of a weird sub-section of Christians I'm apparently connected to through Facebook somehow, who for some reason believe a) they personally lost something the day gay marriage was made legal and/or b) the logical next step is a return to days of yore in which Christians were fed to hungry lions for sport.  I'm serious.  I read that exact sentiment more than once in my news feed.  There are a handful of Christians who honestly believe that now that gay people can legally marry each other, Christianity will become illegal and they will be hunted and murdered for the entertainment of the heathen masses.  Maybe they're being hyperbolic, but I don't think they are.  

The people who play up the religious persecution angle, are the same ones that want you to know that they are friends with gay people.  Really?  Are they?  I'm as liberal as they come--annoyingly so, probably--I support gay rights whole-heartedly, but I can count the number of close gay friends I have on exactly zero hands.  I know and am acquainted with a handful of homosexual individuals, I like these individuals quite a lot, but none of the friends I spend a significant amount of my free time with are gay.  There isn't anything nefarious behind it, that's just how adult friendship shakes out.  But somehow, every Christian who felt the need to speak from their heart and bleed all over Facebook last weekend has scores of gay friends, gay friends farther than the eye can see.  And they love each and every one of those gay friends so much, except the part that indulges in the sin of being attracted to and desiring loving relationships with members of their same sex.  Wait, what?!

"Love the sinner, hate the sin."  I've heard this refrain all my life.  Man, is it sick.  A Christian might say, "Well, Matt, we're all sinners, so, you know, this just means we love everybody.  It's just a big old love fest over here at Billy Graham Incorporated." (I don't know if that's a real thing.).  OK, we're all sinners--and let me just say without any sort of follow-up that I find the whole Christian idea of "original sin" momentously childish--but, um, if you hate the "sin" of homosexuality, you kind of do specifically hate gay people.  I mean, tell me how I'm wrong.  DAMMIT!  They aren't committing a sin!!!  The Bible says it's one?  You believe in the Bible? OK, fine, then it is a sin, and you hate the sin, which means you hate the sinner as well.  Being a homosexual is not just about sex, guys!  It's just like what you have/want with a member of the opposite sex, but with the same sex.  This is mind-numbing.  My brain hurts.

Attached to all of these proclamations of belief and reminders that "we don't all have to believe the same thing," is the plea to "be nice."  Well, I refuse.  I'm not going to be nice.  There's no reason to.  You're not being nice.  You're not being rational either, but that's not the point.  

We don't all have to agree, I agree with that, but don't treat me like an idiot.  I'll try my hardest to do the same.  But as far as being nice in the battle to get everybody on the same playing field, I believe this emoji says more than I ever could with words:


Anon said...

Do you have any idea how hypocritical you sound? First, you refuse to to be nice by claiming that other people aren't nice when you aren't being that way in the first place. Second, you claimed that believing in original sin is childish when you're being childish yourself. Third, you don't want to be treated like an idiot when you just put a middle finger in this blog of yours. Doing that will likely get your ass handed to you.

Seriously, what's wrong about being Christian? Everyone has the right to be. If you're not, fine. But I don't want you shitting on other people who aren't like you.

If you want people to respect you, then you better do the same to others. Have you not learned of the Golden Rule?

Matt said...

How hypocritical do I sound?

Wait, so other people aren't being nice because I'm not being nice? What? This whole thing started with other people not being nice and me no longer willing to grin and bear their noxious, uninformed homophobia. I've been nice for years on top of years listening to individuals use religion as a reason to hate and subjugate others. So, I decided to stop being so nice, or, better put, decided to blow off some steam. Read the rest of the blog. It's mostly about horror movies and farts.

The idea of original sin seems childish to me, sure, but you can believe it. I didn't tell you that you couldn't. Believe it all the livelong day. How am I being childish? Saying something is childish doesn't make me childish. It means I have an opinion.

A middle finger emoji will get my ass handed to me? I don't follow. I just thought it was a funny emoji. I'll be sure to remove it in future printings as to not offend you, Anonymous person who will likely never read this.

Nothing's wrong about being a Christian? Do you think there's something wrong about it? I don't. What's wrong about me not being one? I don't shit on other people, but also, if I think I'm right about something, why wouldn't I say so on my blog? Disagreeing isn't "shitting on." Am I the only one being childish? Maybe you are a little? C'mon.

I respect people like crazy, all kinds of people. You don't know me. As a secular humanist, I embrace the Golden Rule wholeheartedly. I think the Golden Rule is the greatest thing ever and it would be great if everyone followed it as closely as they adhere to their archaic belief systems.

You won't ever read this and I'm sure if you do you'll just continue to swear at me (Great Christian witness there), but maybe...just maybe...we can come to an understanding and be fake internet friends.

And, seriously, read some other stuff on the blog. It's mostly dumb fart jokes.

Matt said...

Wow. Just re-read my post. What did you read? I'm not sure where all your anger is coming from.